The Magicians' Game of Thrones


Host: Bob Lam, Jinny Ng, Grace Chan, William Chak

Guest Host: Louis Yan

Time: Sundays 7:00pm-7:30pm


This brand new series, The Magicians' Game Of Thrones, will certainly stir up another wave of fans' enthusiasm in Hong Kong.  Hosts BOB LAM and JINNY NG join forces with the most sought-after magician LOUIS YAN, continuing to perform amazing magic tricks throughout Hong Kong's well-known hot spots.  Apart from that, BOB, LOUIS, GRACE CHAN and WILLIAM CHAK unprecedentedly team up and travel to Seoul, South Korea, seeking to share experiences with famous local magicians for mutual improvement.  Roaming the streets, they find inspiration at local places such as fried chicken eateries, barbecue restaurants, salons, coffee shops and Taekwondo clubs to create street magic tricks that even blow the minds of the locals.  On top of that, LOUIS's fellow magicians from Taiwan also come to Hong Kong to showcase their marvelous skills.  Magicians from all three places stage jaw-dropping magic shows, vying to sweep you off your feet and make you rave about it!