E-News Front Line

Hosts: Jackie Song、Victor Chen、Sisi Zeng、Griselda Yeung、Yolanda Zhao、 Yao Bin、Ivy Li、Kylie Weng、Maggie Yu

In this ever-changing entertainment industry, “E-News Front Line” makes every effort to supply our audiences with the hottest and latest showbiz news from around the world every day! Our talented hosts will stay close to trail of idols, shows, event galas, newly release movies and songs, and also exclusive news within the TVB! Popular stars and celebs will also be invited for exclusive interviews! Stay tuned from Mon-Sat at 7pm for the marvelous entertainment of “E-news Front Line”!

Hong Kong Off the Beaten Track (Sr.2)

First TX Date: 3 May 2017

TX Time:  Wednesdays  8:30pm-9:00pm

Host:  Lee Man Hei, Chen RuiWen, Li Qin Xin, Kylie Weng

No. of Episode: 13

Guest: Vincent Wong, Alex Fong, Jolane Koo, Sharon Chan, Det Dik, Rainky Wai, Lau Kong, May Chan, Stephen Huynh, King Kong etc

Content : Each episode, four beautiful and dynamic hosts together with special guests will take you to experience Hong Kong in a different way, you will definitely find how much this place attracts you!